Sähköpostiin tuli viesti Argentiinan kontaktilta, joka on Usva Internationalin jälkeen laitellut minulle silloin tällöin postia. Sergio on hyvin innostunut suomalaisesta scifistä, ja innostui käännättämään Jenny Kangasvuon Sudenkulun espanjaksi. Petri Laineen Maan Varjo myös ilmestynee espanjaksi jossakin vaiheessa Axxon-verkkolehdessä.

Jonkinmoisia kommunikointiongelmia tuntuu aina välillä olevan (epäilin jossakin vaiheessa, että hyö eivät ymmärrä kirjottajan oikeuksia samoin kuin me), mutta tähän mennessä sovitut asiat ovat pitäneet kutinsa.

Jos siis jollakulla on halua kokeilla, niin tässäpä tilaisuus saada Argentiinan fandom-piireissä julkisuutta utopistisella ekoscifillä (
Sergio toivoi saavansa mukaan siis suomalaisiakin tekstejä.)

Sergiosta löytyi muuten kuvakin.

- - -

A few days ago, in my radio column for the Captains of Space program, I talked about global collapse, climate change, depletion of natural resources, and natural disasters in speculative fiction.  This has its equivalents in any fiction about surviving a catastrophe.  For this reason it occurred to me to propose a special Sinergia namad "Setenta veces siete" (seventy times seven) that would consist of 49 stories of 490 words as an absolute maximum (no exceptions) and 290 words as absolute minimum.  The subject is very specific: vignettes, scenes, sketches of disaster (of whatever type, though ecological would be the preference for this editor) that include strategies for survival.  That is to say, they should not be dystopias, but utopias.  The trapped find the exit, the cornered escape, the oppressed are liberated, the despairing see the light.  We've already had enough warnings about poorly managing things.  Now we'll propose something.  The name of the series (which I stole not from Argentinean writer Dalmiro Sáenz, but from Mateo) alludes to the capacity for forgiveness that allows the Earth to continue to support these infectious, annoying, and hurtful intruders, the human race.  But also the way the human race, in spite of the worst conduct possible and the most stupid errors, can find solutions for its problems.
Stories should be emailed to sergiogvh@2vias.com.ar .  Only one story is permitted per writer, and they may be written in Spanish, English, French, Italian, or Portuguese.  The preliminary closing date is September 21, 2007.  If at that point I haven't accepted 49 stories, I'll see about extending the deadline, but if I have them, the special issue will remain closed.

(Translated to English: Lewis Shiner)

Me gustaría mucho que participes.
I would like much that you participate

Sergio Gaut vel Hartman